Traditionally, December is always seen as the quietest month in recruitment. September is always busy as people come back from summer holidays with renewed interest, then the knock-on effect of that makes October hectic too. But as November passes, the workload always seems to lighten before party season pretty much kills off all interest from candidates and clients alike, until the New Year resolutions kick in and everyone is frantic again. But is Dead December a myth we perpetuate by going along with it? Does pre-Christmas really have to be quiet just because the job search stats drop dramatically? We believe you can be as busy in December as you want to be and here’s why:


The top talent is harder to get hold of the other 11 months of the year, but like everyone else in December, they are easing off a little, more active on social media, and out and about, prime for networking events. Their workload is lighter, their office is emptier and their inclination to meet for a coffee or even an interview might be greater, so contact everyone with a festive excuse to catch up. Bear in mind that candidates thinking ahead to moving after bonus season will already be making tentative enquiries to start the process early, so don’t miss out on their time of reflecting on their career! 


You already know January is going to be busy, so what could you do in advance, so that you can focus purely on business after New Year? Plan events now for next year, securing the dates and venues you want early, or prepare some new look adverts ready to go next year. And take this time to review your year and what you might do differently next year, as there could be strategic changes you can put in place in advance or budgets that could be used more wisely.


If your competitors aren’t very active at this time of year, it’s a prime time for you to steal the limelight. There could be PR opportunities for good content, or more visibility in advertising while the competition is taking it easy. If the budget allows, it’s the perfect time of year to hit clients with a branded gift to keep your name at the top of the list. Lots of people are also using up leave before the end of the year, and are therefore on social media more, so stay active and noticeable on mobile platforms. 

While we agree that it’s nice to ease off in December, staying busy will pay off in January! 

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