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We’re excited to introduce the latest ‘Finance Market Insights and Salary Report 2024 –  an essential tool for employers looking to strategically hire finance talent and for finance professionals looking to understand market rates, trends and career opportunities. Phil Dye, Co-Founder and Director of the Finance and Accounting Division, introduces the report. In the foreword, […]
Marketing Director, Consultancy Group


10 Must-Ask Interview Questions for the Modern CFO (2024 Update)

Choosing the right CFO is crucial for any organisation’s success. When interviewing candidates for a CFO position, it is important to ask the right questions to assess their skills in financial expertise, strategic thinking, leadership, and technological proficiency. This article provides insightful interview questions for CFOs in 2024 that cover these key areas.
Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting

Elevate Your Internal Profile: A Guide for UK Finance Professionals

How Can You Boost Your Internal Corporate Profile? Read on for The Consultancy Group's Guide for UK Finance Professionals.
Finance & Accounting Consultant

Revamp Your 2024 Online Presence With This LinkedIn Profile Update Strategy

In today’s highly competitive job market, especially for exec-level roles, having a stellar LinkedIn profile is crucial to attracting the attention of recruiters and potential employers. In this article, we’ll discuss some essential LinkedIn profile updates that will help you stand out, grow your professional network, and boost your chances of landing your dream job […]
Interim Finance & Accounting Consultant

Comprehensive Guide to Acing Your Finance Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview: Your Comprehensive Guide to Acing the Process
Finance & Accounting Principle Consultant

Top 10 Tips to Boost Employee Retention and Secure Top Talent

Discover proven employee retention tips to cultivate a supportive culture, optimise onboarding, and foster engagement for long-term success.
Finance & Accounting Principle Consultant

Monica Arora, EVP of Commercial Finance at Sage – Finance Leadership Interview Series [Video]

Monica Arora, the Executive Vice President for Commercial Finance at Sage, sits down with Phil Dye from The Consultancy Group for an insightful conversation on her career progression, the role of commercial finance, and the ever-evolving financial landscape in today's tech-driven world.
Co-Founder & Director

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